How to Find a Love in Modern Times

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Finding love has never been easier. Society is getting more chill and embracing casual sex more than ever. Even though it might seem like a lot of people are hung up on settling down you’d be surprised at how many people want a fuck friend and nothing else. Sex when you wantit and whenever you want is about as good as it gets. You might not know this but people all around want casual sex and are looking for a fuckbuddy if you don’t know where to look you’re going to miss out. People that are single and those that are in relationships.

1.Dating Apps/ Site

Dating apps and sites is a no brainer when it comes to finding people near you. There are tons of hookup apps and sites that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Some apps and sites are geared more towards people looking for a relationship but there are some that are designed for hookups specifically. Feeld is one of the more popular apps for looking for something casual. The community on Feeld prides itself on being inclusive and non-judgemental so you can feel comfortable asking for what you want.

When using a site to find a fuckbuddy like Tinder or Bangwild be upfront about it. Make sure your profile states that you’re looking for a no-strings relationship so that there are no mixed messages.

Try to find sites or apps that cater to people looking for the same thing. You’ll be surprised at how many people want what you want. If you use a dating app that is more geared towards people looking for relationships you might find you get fewer matches. People on those types of apps often feel people that want casual hookups are douchey. Find an app or site that is more accepting of alternative relationship.

2. Your Work

While it might seem like hooking up with someone from work is a bad idea by clearly stating you two are hookup buddies you might avoid a lot of the drama. There are tons of rules when it comes to hooking up with a coworker. Making a coworker a fuckfriend is ideal. You get to see them around the office all the time, have some streamy flirting, and when you both get off work you can get it on. Work is a great place to find a consistent hookup because you’re surrounded by a lot of people that are in a similar situation as you. They know you are busy with a demanding job and they are too. A coworker is more likely to understand your reasoning behind not wanting a serious relationship.

Asking a coworker to be a sex buddy can be a little tricky. You do not want HR on your doorstep. Make sure you and your coworkers have already been vibing in an out of office setting. When you bring up the idea of being hookup do so in person. The last thing you need is an office-wide instant message log or email thread to be brought up. A coworker is perfect because you can claim simply for the fact that you are coworkers being friend with benefits is all you want to do. Dating someone serious in the office can get extremely dramatic and you don’t want that spilling over into the workplace. By keeping things lightweight and casual you minimize the drama in the workplace.

3. The Gym

The gym is great place to find a hookup. Something about the pheromones of working out gets all the blood flowing. Finding a sex partner at the gym is great because there are plenty of hot people around. Find one that looks super into themselves and shoot your shot. Chances are they don’t want anything serious either.

To bag someone at the gym strike up a conversation. People don’t come up and give compliments or their numbers anymore. Doing this will make you stand out. Now don’t do this in a creepy way. Don’t wait outside the locker room or chat someone up when they’re in the middle of a set. Wait till they take a break or switch machines and then say hi. Say hi a few times before asking for a number. Making friends first is important to actually close the deal.

4. A Taken Girl

Now before we get a lot of heat for this one hear us out. A taken girl makes a ton of sense. She definitely will want to keep things casual so that it doesn’t interfere with her relationship. A taken girl is the perfect fuckbuddy because she’s probably already bored with her current relationship. She’s been fucking the same dude for a while and probably wants to spice it up.

Going for a taken girl does require some precautions. First of all you want to make sure she is into you as well. If she already kinda flirts with you that’s perfect. You don’t want to be really good friends with her boyfriend or husband. You have to realize that if this blows up that friendship is likely gone so make sure you’re willing to let that happen. You first want to be her shoulder to lean on. Let her vent to you about problems in her relationship. Let her know that you’re open to sex casually if she ever wants to change things up.

5. Your Circle of Friends

Finding a local single person that is already in your circle of friends is great. If you have a girlfriend that has been strictly a friend for years chances are she feels platonic to you. Having platonic feelings for one another is imperative in a good lay. If you have a long term friend you can probably also know if a no-strings relationship is even something they would ever go for.

To turn a friend into a fuck buddy you have to make sure you are on the same page. Don’t ruin your friendship by going for a chick way out of your league. If you think she’s hot and you know she thinks you are then make a move. Say something like, “Hey if you’d ever want to be friends with benefits thats something I’d be into. I’m not looking for anything serious right now and I don’t think you are either.” This allows her to decline without making it awkward or say yes if she is into it.

There are a ton of places to find a single people in today’s day and age if you know where to look and who to consider. In any no strings attached situation feelings may develope so it is important to make your situation clear, communicate often, and check-in with your partner. With these tips, we know you’ll be having casual sex in no time.

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