Why Everyone Needs Cuddle Therapy?

What would you do in a situation when no one’s around you? If you’re alone, you won’t be able to calm yourself in some bad situations. If someone’s around you whom you love, it can make you think better and be positive.

What is Cuddling?

Cuddling is a universal way of releasing depression with the help of other humans. It is just like a soft kind of romance which consists of hugs and soft touching. I can explain it as an example as a mom loves her newborn baby more than anything else. She makes baby and mom both comfortable. It helps them to sleep well and cry less. This therapy is now suggested by the doctors from all over the world.

There are some advantages of Cuddling and are given below.

Releases Tension

There are hormones named Oxytocin in the human body which is directly related to cuddling. When you cuddle someone, your body releases that oxytocin which can help you deal better. It can ease stress. In the whole process, you might laugh and share your problems with the cuddling therapist. This is why people hire cuddle therapists for the job to tell them their problems.

Wehere to Find a Cuddle Buddy

There are many websites that allow you to find a local cuddle buddy. Cuddlesex, for example, is a websites designed to help you users find local members to share a cuddle therapy session that ends with sex. Cuddle sex can also be therapeutic because you experience a spike in cortisol levels. Cuddle buddies are essential fr living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Beneficial for Heart Patients

If Your Blood Pressure stays low and your stress levels are down, it is a good and healthy sign. It is believed that common heart problems are due to some tension and unconscious things. There are many therapists who believe women get these types of benefits from cuddling. It looks like the same for men too.

Destroys Pain

Cuddling can help people to relieve their pain. The release of oxytocin can block some signals of pain. People having some kind of accidents, need such therapy to recover very soon. It is such a good technique that Doctors and Health organizations are trying to create possible ways to treat people within a lab-made form room. It would be great to help people in one room.

Prevents You from Colds

Cuddling can help you in staying away from cold. Soft hugs can make your body warm and relaxed. This is a natural phenomenon that when you hug someone you love, it makes you feel better. It is helpful in activating of Human body hormones as well.

Helps People Sleep

Cuddling therapists try to Calm their clients and help them sleep well. People having some sort of problems cannot sleep well. Cuddling therapy can help them in such matters. Spooning or Cuddling can make people wake up often too. But, that is OK for some clients too as compared to waking up alone in a depressed condition.

These are some of the reason why people need cuddling. Science has shown that Cuddling provides better results for an affected person on the bed in the hospital. It can be the same for a person living alone in his home. People need Cuddling and it has plenty of benefits!


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